Art in the Park

My screen; I limited myself to seven frames this year and what a good idea that was!

I guess that it is inevitable: after sunshine comes rain (and the other way round, I´m hoping, for next year). We have been very lucky these last two years, and since the entire summer has been cold and wet, it was no surprise that most of yesterday´s exhibition was wet, wet, wet. My frames let water in, in spite of my attempts to cover them with plastic whenever the downpour intensified – terribly boring to have them covered at all as there were, in spite of it, quite a large number of visitors. The frames are now gutted and drying out in the guest bedroom.


Foto0001There was a change of venue since last year. The plot that was used is now being built on, so the decision was made to move back to Gülzau-udden (a promontory or cape, not sure what would be the most appropriate translation) in town, which was a popular choice. It has less parking, but is within easy walking distance from the town centre. Also, there is a summer café in the old Town Hall, which adds variety to the hot dogs sold by the art society who arranges the exhibition.


It looks like it has rained less today, but after downpour all day yesterday and all night, it must have been wetter to begin with. I don´t know how many turned up today but I heard a lot of people saying one day of rain was enough, as the prognosis was for even more rain on Sunday. It differs a lot what kind of art one has: the painters of oil and acrylic can be fairly relaxed, while watercolourists were very nervous. Some brought party tents, which was a stroke of genious; the tents are large and some lucky artists, like the lady who neighboured me last year, benefited by being back-to-back with a tent owner. I am definitely looking into some such solution for next year – it would be good as a sunshield, too, and lessen the reflections in the glass.


Every year, there are more and more photographers. Two years ago, I was the only one showing exclusively photography, last year we were two and this year, there were plenty. However, I had no chance to chat with anyone, being too busy glancing up at the sky and talking to the visitors. Most popular were the blackbird, the toy in the tree, and the trout. Oh, and the retriever. Not surprising, perhaps, everyone loves dogs, and many brought theirs to the art show, too.

I am looking forward to next year, and hope to have some drawings by then to show. I did manage to make a quick sketch early at the exhibition, being interrupted just as it really started pouring down, and I´ll try to scan it and post it during the week.

IMGP0818 IMGP9257 IMGP9382 IMGP9523 IMGP9826-


4 thoughts on “Art in the Park”

  1. A lot of people here use those small tents for art fairs. I’m sorry rain was an issue so that people’s art work was endangered. Right now I think I like the trout best, but my mind keeps filling in the story on that boot.

    1. Yes, that is a story, isn´t it? It is funny with photography, it is such a surprise what one ends up with.

      At least most of us will come better prepared next time! I guess we have been rather spoiled with good weather here on the coast. It is usually we or Öland (vacation paradise island in the south of Sweden) who wins the count of most sunny hours during the summer.

    1. Well, the move was popular, so that was not sad at all. And you are right about people. Interaction is the big reward with taking part, it is wonderful to hear all the comments and talk to folks who are genuinely interested. And I learned something about the importance of a bit of shelter, for which I try to be grateful! 😉

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