Assortment of digital sketches

I found these as I was taking a study break. Don´t remember posting them, so I thought I might now.

This is just a doodle, toying with the tools.


This is from the lobby of the Culture House, where I was studying one day. I can´t sit in the library any more because of the asthma, but there are a few tables in the lobby, which is nice.


Another doodle I did when I was fatigued from studying anatomy.


This is the nephew, from the Christmas holidays.


This is from the fall, my way to school.

2 thoughts on “Assortment of digital sketches”

    1. Thanks, and yes, I guess it does, I hadn´t even thought of it. I wasn´t consciously giving it an expression. Also, thank you for reminding me I have a blog – I need to do another post, I think! 🙂

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