Brazilian Aquarelle

Bleubeard & Elisabeth are working on a South American project, which reminded me of this great film from Disney, that we had when I was a child. At that time, Swedish television (all two channels) weren´t exactly spoiling us with cartoons, and my parents buying a VCR was the most amazing thing. I saw this film so many times, I know it all by heart. Some fifteen years ago, I bought it on video in Spain, and once in a while it´s handy when we have children in the house. Of course, now almost everything can be found on youtube.

This is the entire South America tour with Donald & Friends, but my favourite is the last episode where José and Donald “does the town”. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Brazilian Aquarelle”

    1. I know! I am also very partial to the ninjo planito, (at least that’s what they call him in the Spanish version), the little post-plane, who bravely flies across the Aconcagua. So cute! 😀

  1. This was wonderful, Viktoria. Many of the places I’ve documented in my 7 Continents AB for So America are in the movie, including the pampas and the gaucho. I was surprised there was no tango, but I liked the country dance.

    Thanks so very much for sharing this. I loved it.

    1. I´m glad you liked it! I imagine pato Donald is enjoying what the Disney artists enjoyed, and perhaps they were more into samba, booze, and hallucinogenics than such demanding exercises as the tango. In “The Three Caballeros” they become a lot more spaced out. Can´t find a good quality version of that in its entirety on youtube, but there are bits and pieces, dubbed in other languages.

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