Cabbage tortillas

First, a couple of sketches, quickly made while walking along with my summer stand-in (who was doing all the hard work, haha). I had no drawing paper with me, but used the back of the adress labels that come on the newspaper bundles and a Ballograf ballpoint. It made me realize what a gem that pen is!

It seems like the whole town is being repaired: houses, roads, everything!
I so need to practise drawing cars, but they can not inspire me one bit.


Second, one of my favourite dishes is Russian cabbage pasties (pirogi), but they can be a bit of a hassle to make. The other day, I had a brainwave, and decided to use Mexican tortillas; one kind of dough should do as well as another, right?

I fried my cabbage, which was fresh and green, with chopped onion and grated carrot. If I have mushrooms, I add that, but not this time. Ah, the smell of frying cabbage, heavenly! Salt, pepper, a bit of creme fraiche on the tortillas before I wrapped them up. Excellent!



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