Carina Kågström at Luleå Art Gallery

He says: You look like someone who can´t say no.
He says: You look like someone who can´t say no.

Lacking any decent drawings made by yours truly, I thought I´d write something about Swedish artist and humorist Carina Kågström, whose work is on display at the Art Gallery right now. It looks very unassuming, her images are mostly hung unframed, exposed. What she does is point her finger at the way we think about ourselves and each other, in a very funny way. Her drawings are published by comic book publisher Kartago, and they also have the best presentation of Carina Kågström that I have found online. Her own website, such as it is, links to her blog, which has been inactive since 2013 and refers to Facebook and Instagram.

As far as I can see, one can´t buy her books online. They are for sale at the Art Gallery, and I imagine one can find her at libraries and bookstores. No e-books, sadly, as the book I leafed through at the gallery was definitely off limits for me (strong, poisonous smell). Still, I could go and appreciate her at the gallery until 2 days ago, which I did three times. And I can befriend her on Facebook – which I am on nowadays, to be able to connect with the other students in my class.

The crappy photos were taken with my phone camera, just to give you an idea of what it looked like from the perspective of a gallery visitor.

The father: You don´t think he looks gay?
The father: You don´t think he looks gay?

4 thoughts on “Carina Kågström at Luleå Art Gallery”

  1. I like this artist’s humor. She makes fun of everything, yet it doesn’t come off offensive. It is wonderful. So glad you got to see the images and not just read about them in books (which I know you can’t due to your allergies). Still, there’s something to be said for seeing an original. Have a great Veterans Day. And yes, that Afghan war counts!

  2. Her captions are a bit mind-bending for me lol. I checked out your links. The FB page makes me wish I had a language in addition to English. I like her face 🙂 in the photo at the other website you linked.

    It’s sad when an exhibition you’ve enjoyed leaves.

    1. It was hard to pick two, there was one with a group of women looking normal but like they were about to speak, that said “If you keep your mouth open, you look sexier.” It made me think of all those Facebook profile images where women make themselves out like Hollywood stars. Incredibly funny. Yes, I shall miss that exhibition. Must “befriend” her. 😉

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