snölängtanTomorrow is Christmas Eve and that, for us, is all about sleeping late, having my sister-in-law’s yummie saffron bun for breakfast, taking a walk to work up a decent appetite, watch Donald Duck while drinking mulled wine, and make a large, traditional smorgasbord that will leave everyone ridiculously over-eaten.

I hope you all find yourself in similar circumstances, whichever day is your big Christmas day. Merry Christmas!


Christmas Spirit Misplaced – T for being Towed through the holidays…

20151220_135956I am feeling so inadequate this Christmas. I have simply had no time at all compared to last year, when I baked smashing saffron bread with the mum-in-law, made cinder toffee, knäck (Swedish toffee), and what not. This year, I am stooped over my books and notes and have to be, or I´m in trouble by tenta-time! The husband has told me he´ll manage and not to worry (“I´ll tell you when it´s time to come to table”), and I don´t, but I feel like I´m not pulling my weight. Today, I attempted to make cinder toffee for a friend´s son, who has been supplied with it the last years, and I burned the entire batch! No more syrup in the house, so he´ll have to do without. [sigh!] Oh well.

Foto0011 (2)

At the museum.
At the museum. Saffron bun and a cup of tea, what could be better?

I have found a few places to study at besides the university itself. The library is no option – too many books, which is not good for my air pipes. Vetenskapens hus, the house of science, is a kind of branch study hall downtown for the university, where they have popular science lectures, meetings, chess tournaments, and whatever, really. It´s like an indoor square, where one can sit and study, with a café/lunch/dinner place next door. The opening hours are very generous.

Opening hours are only ten to four at the museum, but they have a very cosy, very Christmassy atmosphere. I like to stretch my legs after a few hours reading, so walking from one place to the other is perfect, really.

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Christmas tree in the park.
Christmas tree in the park.

I am linking up with Bleubeard & Elisabeth for T Tuesday, who has made the most impressive French Toast I ever saw (with eggnog, too, no wonder it was such a success!). Happy T-Day and a Very Merry Christmas to you all! 🙂


The sketching chair

The package in my mailbox!

I have been wanting a sketching chair for a while, and the wish requirements are probably not entirely realistic. It should be comfortable, weigh nothing, and fit into a pocket. The other week, I saw a promising object on Ebay, and made a bid (cheap) for it. Well, I got it and a few days ago, it came through the mail.

Taped to the seat is bits of foam from a ground sheet, to make it warmer, I guess.

The seller calls it an “ice fishing stool”, probably a military model – or so the colour suggests – and it has seen quite a bit of use, being a bit bent and rusted here and there. it is surprisingly sturdy, although not exactly made to lean back in. It is very small folded and weighs 800 grams. I think this may turn out to be rather useful!



The Snake is buried

Foto0004The huge pipe that has been resting in our little lake for weeks now, has disappeared. They have been digging at both sides of the lake, closing off the roads and diverting traffic into the most unexpected back alleys. One day I noticed that the snake had changed direction, being stretched out from one hole in the ground to the other, and the day after that, all one could see was tiny red buoys marking the surface of the water from one side to the other. The pipes must be made from strong material, as I am pretty sure this lake freezes solid in the winter months, being very shallow.






The neighbour´s flowerbed

I have been thinking for weeks that I should take a few photos of the neighbour lady´s flowerbed, but the weather has been crap and whenever the sun has made an appearance, I have been doing other things. This morning, coming home from work, I decided to do it now; some flowers are already loosing their lustre. The light conditions were not the best, this was done before six in the morning, but what the heck!

IMGP1070 IMGP1072 IMGP1074

I always wondered about this, and the other day I read in a gardening column that it is typically Swedish to set the plants far apart and leave the soil bare in between. It demands a lot of weeding (not my favourite chore as a child) and I imagine it requires a lot of watering – but then water is usually in abundance in this country, certainly this summer.


The Bleeding Hearts (löjtnantshjärta) seems not to have thrived at all this year. Too bad, they are my absolute favourite since I was very little. These three are the only ones I could find.


However, talking to the lady in charge of this unique (in our neighbourhood) spot of gardening, the roses are doing fine, with lots of buds. She told me she has made a brew of nettles that she waters them with, which is apparently nutricious. (It also stinks!)

IMGP1075 IMGP1076 IMGP1079 IMGP1080

The patch in front of our own entrance (in our neighbourhood, six to eight flats share the same entrance and staircase) is certainly nothing to be proud of – we are all either allergic, travellers, or simply not interested. Fittingly, we have an abundance of a flower called Love-in-idleness, or wild pansies. In the neighbour´s patch, they are weeded away. But aren´t they just a little bit lovely, too?

IMGP1087 IMGP1089