I used to love going dancing (and I´m sure I would again), and here is a delightful series about the history of dance, from a British perspective perhaps, that really brings out the enthusiasm and exuberance of its presenter Lucy Morsley, who teams up with British dance legend Len Goodman. You can find episode 1 and episode 2 on youtube. I really enjoyed this!

“You´re supposed to be an academic!” says Len as she hops about…  😀


6 thoughts on “Dance!”

  1. I haven’t danced in decades. I think that’s one reason I like Tai Chi, it’s like dancing 🙂 I’d like to take an actual dance class, I think. My husband doesn’t dance, so maybe tap? Or line dancing? The people in your videos are certainly having fun.

    1. Line dancing used to be all the rage in the 90´s, I remember. I used to jitterbugg in the old days, but the husband just foxtrots. I keep nagging him about learning the tango, the mambo and such, but where is the time? One day, when we are still healthy and strong and idle pensioners, maybe… Tap classes would be fun, but I would be surprised if there is a single class for middle age ladies in this country.

        1. Here, one can always find a bugg class somewhere. Bugg is a Swedish version of lindy hop, or so says Wikipedia. Salsa and argentinian tango seems on in Luleå, also, at the moment. I think it is all about demand. I think most dance teachers know a bit of everything, at least on the level an ordinary person can learn it. At the end of the day, any dancing is fun. As a kid, I did some folk dancing and had a blast! 😀

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