Diamonds on the soles of my shoes

Remember what we wore in the 80´s?

Anatomy is the most fun I´ve had in years. It´s a lot, it´s overwhelming, and from day one my brain started singing about “dem bones” (the Delta Rhythm Boys are belowed in Sweden and here is a video with a presentation of famous women from Småland, which is what they are singing about – in Swedish!).

Friday evening I collapsed in front of youtube and as happens when one does, one link leads to another, and I was brought back to what? 1987-88-something? sometime in that neighbourhood. Paul Simon was coming to Stockholm with the Graceland tour and we were there; we were there! I was deliriously happy and it felt like history was changing. I fell in love with the Ladysmith Black Mambazo with the white shoes, Hugh Masekela´s trumpet, Miriam Makeba`s voice, and Paul Simon really taking a step back at his own concert, letting these wonderful musicians shine and be glorious. The best of times, the best. (The video is not from Stockholm, but from that same tour, I think.)

20151004_210807I am linking up with Bleubeard & Elisabeth and the T for Tuesday gang today, presenting you with my normal cup of tea that I have with the husband every evening (although that pink cream tart is not everyday fare). The cups are Rörstrand´s Swedish Grace (wish I could afford that whole service, it´s glorious), and the teapot is an old café pot – just right for two cups and a little bit more – I found at a local fleamarket once. Our standard tea is PG Tips, which has a lot of Assam in it and makes a strong brew! Happy T-Day!


16 thoughts on “Diamonds on the soles of my shoes”

  1. Fun post with ‘dem bones’ and diamonds on the sole of my feet. Love the cups you have, and that cake doesn’t look bad, either. Have a great week and a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I definitely remember the 80s. That’s the decade I came of age. It was the decade I grew up. It was MY decade. I loved it. I loved the large framed glasses, the big shirts with HUGE shoulder pads, the rolled up sleeves, legwarmer socks, lycra shorts, stirrup pants, and BIG HAIR. Got to admit, I only wore (and still only wear) tennis shoes, but back then I wore high tops that were laced differently each week.

    Glad you had fun at the concert, and you got to relive the 80s, too.

    Your tea cups are beautiful and the pot is gorgeous. Wish I could find something like that at a flea market. Thanks for sharing your tea (strong like I like it, too), the cream tart, and a look back at the 80s with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. fun post! I enjoyed listening to the music in Swedish as I love listening to other languages. Great little teapot-which looks especially lovely in your vignette with that dessert. Happy T day!

  4. oh wow. I don’t think I’ve heard this song before but I’m a fan of Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo!! Really fun clip…must have been awesome to actually be there! Love your drawing of the 80’s clothing too…scary what we realize we used to wear sometimes… 😉
    happy T day!

  5. Wow! I bet that concert was quite something! I have a video of one of the concerts but it is nothing like actually being there! Great fashion reminder too! The pink cream tart looks yummy! Happy T day, Chrisx

  6. Hello and Happy T Day late, sorry I couldn’t get here sooner. I grew up in the 80’s and loved all the music and fashion. Now that I’m older though and look back I love my mom’s 60’s and 70’s too, the music and the fashion both were so good.

    How lovely that you have tea with your hubby, mine only wants it when he’s sick. Thanks for sharing.

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