Freda Payne – my lost album

20151006_164630I usually don’t listen all that much to music these days. This last week, however, I have attempted to exorcise “dem Bones”, which stuck unusually hard to my poor brain. I had the good fortune to find this album on youtube, the second I ever bought, I think, after the Star Wars album (I only felt the need to buy a recordplayer after hearing the mighty music of John Williams; that and seeing humongous starships; especially the starships).

Unfortunately, I lost this album years ago. I could never find it on Spotify, but here it is, still a great listening experience – or am I just being nostalgic? I do remember, at 13, wanting to grow up looking just like Freda Payne on that cover photo, so elegant and cool! Still do, but I’m more realistic about my coolness potential these days! 😀 (I thought I had a fair chance turning out like that, since she resembles my mother quite a bit. Dem genes, huh…)


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