Happy Midsummer!

It is again that time of year when the sun hardly sets at all, and the white nights make people happy and a little crazy. We intend to take the mum-in-law to Gültzau-udden again this year, to look at the dancing and frolicing. Then we will eat traditional matjes herring, new potatoes, and strawberries. I wish everyone a very jolly weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Midsummer!”

  1. I’m trying to catch up on your art, and I think you post more than I (grin).

    Happy Midsummer to you, too.

    I’ve been reading about your diet and can only IMAGINE where we in the US rank, especially after reading about how we have influenced Mexico. They send us their heroin and we send them our junk food and soda pop. Too bad the heroin dealers aren’t the ones eating the junk food!

    I’m always surprised when you in Europe travel from country to country as we do from state to state. I look forward to seeing your take on Britain from your sketches.

    I’ve laughed and said I can’t draw anything, not even a snowman. But, last winter, I was forced to draw one. It was really sad, but I drew it anyway. Other than that, I am the worst at drawing. That’s why I don’t usually write in my journals and ABs, nor do I ever draw. I think you would enjoy the ICADs, and they are the right size to fit into anything you might choose to paint each day.

    If I still have your attention (GRIN), may I please add your blog address to my left sidebar. I only add it if I’m given permission. I really like your drawings and don’t want to miss a day.

    1. Yes, of course you can add my blog adress to your sidebar; I am quite honored to be in that list! 🙂

      Sometimes I really wish I could make ALL the terrible things (heroin, junk food, war, smelly feet…) disappear, but then, how would we develop any character? But a little of the terrible things would go a long way, I imagine. I don´t remember where the US ranked in the diet list, but rich countries have the most choices: the worst junk and the best primary produce, too; we are more spoilt for choice. Ample opportunity to build character! 😉

      If not being able to draw (or so you say) makes you feel limited, it doesn´t show in your art – it is fantastic and glows with confidence.

  2. Happy Midsummer! I hope there is many a dance and frolic to be had. It’s not much of a thing here, but we’ve celebrated it as a family since the kids were little. It must be nice to have a community celebration 🙂

    1. The weather was nicer – summer came at last – but dancing was not as intense as last year. Perhaps because then everyone needed to get the circulation going, now they were sprawled out on blankets… 😉 Midsummer is our true national holiday, there is nothing more Swedish!

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