Happy New Year!

20151215_162736, I say, from sick bay (actually, my bedroom) as I have come down with a virus of some sort on the last day of the year. So far, it´s only been a fever, and I hope that´s all there will be. A good reminder to work less hard and go to bed when the eyelids start to fall down. The mum-in-law is no better, she is in hospital again. And again, it is looking bleak. But who knows, she has pulled through before; she will be 96 in four weeks and I don´t think she wants to miss the party. Outside, it is raining, which seems fitting somehow.

A ballpoint sketch from the movie theatre lobby.
A ballpoint sketch from the movie theatre lobby.

We had extended family coming and going for ten days around the holiday and it has been great fun to see them all. I have been to see the new Star Wars film twice – I had to make sure it was as brilliant as it first seemed, and yes, it is! We laughed at the woman sitting behind the husband in the theatre, gasping at the end: “OMG, it´s Luke Skywalker! He is so OLD!” She probably slept through the whole thing, or thought about some other important stuff. One guy behind me was loudly commenting the film until I turned around and gave him the Evil van Vaderhofen Eye, and he said to his girlfriend, “I´ll explain later”. I feel sorry for the un-enlightened ones who can´t appreciate this piece of film genious; one comes out of the theatre knowing Abrams is a fellow fan. Even the husband was saying this is a really good film.

I hope you all have a very good New Year´s Eve with partying and reflection in equal measure. Let´s hope 2016 will bring goodness and sensibility and a sense of unity in which everyone is included.

I just felt like ending this year with a drawing of Churchill painting; it cheers me up!
I just felt like ending this year with a drawing of Churchill painting; it cheers me up!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. I was saddened to read that you are sick, but delighted to read you loved the new Star Wars saga. I think bringing back some of the original cast was part of the appeal. It crossed generations of viewers and sucked in the youngest viewers, too. It was truly a film (from what I have read) that all the family, from grandparents to pre-teens could appreciate.

    I LOVE the Churchill sketch. It is so lifelike.

    I hope you have a well deserved rest, lots of tender loving care, and an enjoyable New Year’s Day. I also hope your MIL gets better soon. Happy, happy, New Year!!!

  2. “sense of unity in which everyone is included” yes, this!

    I’m sorry you and the mum-in-law are sick and hope you are both back up and at-’em soon. I can’t help but think of my mother when you talk about your mum-in-law. I’d tell the medical staff, “She’s tougher than she looks,” and they would just look at me. But it was true. That generation always exceeds expectations.

    1. Thanks, I hope so too. I think I may be a bit over-worked and stressed-out, which is easier to cure than what the mum-in-law has. But it´s like you say, they are tougher than nails. Probably because they never expected it to be easy, being born just after the Great War. She certainly finds something to be happy about every day. When she looses that, we´ll probably loose her, too.

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