I suppose it can get worse…

20160109_171534… but for sure, this first week of the year has had enough trials. I spent the New Year with a stomach flu of some sort, miserably watching the husband making a little luxurious New Year supé for himself. Not that I was ill for long, after a few days I was pretty much myself again, but I did loose some good study days.

20160109_171459The mum-in-law has been in and out of hospital. It is very confusing for her, and at times she is not sure where she is or what is happening to her, which is stressful for everyone. As the husband was going to see her, he slipped on an icy spot, just a few steps from our front door, and broke his ankle! He now has a plaster boot, which he will have for six weeks. Luckily, he can work from home, except for classroom teaching, but there are cab drivers that need the work, so that´s solvable.


My sister-in-law – angel-like – has come to look after the mum-in-law. That is a huge help, and I have more or less been able to devote myself to the intricacies of bacterial infections and resistance mechanisms to antibiotics. And feeding the husband, of course.

20151015_191225Oh, and I did actually manage to read a crime novel around New Year´s; it was “The Lifer´s Club: An ancient site, a modern murder” by Francis Pryor, who is one of my favourite Time Team archeologists. I guess I had expected a not so very modern murder, and a not so very long book. This one falls into the category of Blaise Pascal´s “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” I think Pryor may have been very pressed for time as well. He should have gone with archeology or trafficking and immigration, in my opinion.

We are keeping our spirits up by having bought tickets for a concert in March with the Luleå band Movits, which is a huge favourite of mine. One thing to look forward to! Enjoy “Apple-stealing-jazz”.


2 thoughts on “I suppose it can get worse…”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s medical complications. It’s helpful when other family steps up to help, but still… Your poor mum-in-law, your poor husband, and poor _you_! It seems true that it doesn’t rain, it _pours_ 🙁

    The band looks like great fun! A real treat to look forward to 🙂

    1. At least everyone is in good spirits. “Gilla läget” in Swedish means to accept what is and what one can´t do anything about and go from there. We are good at that, at least. And yes, that band is genious – funny, intelligent, and with a fine message, too! 😀

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