Foto0040I couldn´t believe my eyes one afternoon, when I walked across the railway viaduct into town; there were three lovelocks on the bridge railing! Luleå isn´t exactly Paris or Florence or even Lucerne (where I spotted a few). And this isn´t a bridge over water, either, which I think holds some symbolic significance. But perhaps these couples thought Luleå is special, perhaps they parted by train (temporarily, I hope, Charles and Adam – which was the only couple´s names I could make out – and that your love is still strong and true).

I was inspired to step off the viaduct and draw it. I was quite surprised at how long that viaduct is, but then I am often surprised at the scale and proportion of things I think I am familiar with. When you look at things closely, they sometimes reveal themselves as not what you thought they were.



2 thoughts on “Lovelocks”

    1. I can´t imagine a migration of lovers flocking to Luleå to hook up their locks and making their earnest vows on our railway viaduct! 😀 😀 But it´s a cheerful thought that some did.

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