Luleå dancing in the streets

Foto0011We took a quick walk around town Saturday to check out the Pride festival. I have never been, due to my awkward working hours, and we could just take a quick look today, since we had places to be and things to do. I have to say, it looked like a lot of fun. Other than the hbtq activist, also taking part were the Church of Sweden, the university, and the Swedish military, and many more. Next year, perhaps I shall march, too!




Queueing up for the parade.
Queueing up for the parade.

4 thoughts on “Luleå dancing in the streets”

    1. Yes, there is, and it was the only legal church for a long time. It separated from the state in 2000, but is still called Church of Sweden. If you are interested, there is more on its history on the website:

      We have only had Pride for a few years, and it has grown positively huge. The first year I think many were a little hesitant; would you need to be h, b, t, or q to gain entry? Now, everyone seems to embrace it wholeheartedly. There is even Pride in small towns like Pajala these days!

      1. Thanks 🙂 The information on the church history is interesting. We have such a history of a plethora of church groups and individualistic interpretations just within the Christian community, it’s interesting to look at the differences. I’ve heard it said that wherever two or three are gathered there will be four opinions and a church will split. 😉

        1. Lol, yes, there are split-offs of (more or less still connected to) the Church of Sweden as well, like the Swedish Evangelical mission and Laestadianism. I understand many emigrated to the US in order to freely exercise their faith, Mayflower and so on (my parents had a carpet depicting that ship in their basement recreation room – I haven´t thought of that for years…). Personally, I left the Swedish church many years ago, for reasons of faith rather than lack of it. I find it hard to adjust my faith (which is questioning) to creed. Oddly perhaps, I still attend more services than most members…

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