Midsummer at Gultzau-udden

IMG_5470Well, summer started on Midsummer eve, isn´t that perfect? The mum-in-law had dressed in traditional Luleå valley dress, 1912´s model, which she has weaved and sewed herself (the matching hand warmers were knit by me). She offered me to borrow it once, for a wedding, but I can´t see myself in it – I grew up in dirndl (having Austrian descent), after all. She half-expected to be photographed by German tourists, but not this time. Personally, I was taken completely by surprise and left the house in a raincoat.

The old town hall. It is hard to imagine that the entire upper north of Sweden was once administered from here. It had offices and over-night facilities for the Mayor and the Governor, an inn, a prison, and under the roof they stored taxes that were delivered in kind!
I think this sketch of the mum-in-law is almost Matisse-like, and I'm not sure that's a good thing...
I think this sketch of the mum-in-law is almost Matisse-like, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing…

Most people were sprawled out on blankets, soaking up some much-desired sun, and didn´t participate as much in the dancing as last year, when everyone needed to warm up a bit.

I sketched and the husband took some photos with his iPhone camera, which is very good, I think, at least compared to the one I have in my phone. I like this one, where he caught the crowd, a bit of the old town hall, and in the far distance, the new “skyscrapers” that symbolize the new, modern Luleå.


IMG_5473We went home, had some traditional Midsummer food which the husband cooked while the mum-in-law and I had a nap (in my defense, I had been working all night). It was all very laid back and restful. I took a photograph from our window at midnight, even though the summer solstice was, I think, on Sunday the 21. One day here or there, it doesn´t make much difference.



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