New Year´s resolutions

20151229_204031I have to say, looking back at the year that was, it is quite overwhelming how much has changed for me. It was only late November 2014 when the idea appeared in my head that I would try for the university again and attempt to get myself a whole new profession; and the one I´d least expected myself to go for. But it´s nice to be able to surprise oneself once and again. It was certainly a surprise how well I did on the Scholastic Aptitude test. I asked the husband how long it would last. “You can use it for five years, I think,” he said. “No,” I said, “I mean the glory.” He assured me it will last forever. 😉

20151229_203932The first semester has been a bit of a shock to the system. I had to relearn everything, I had no routines how to do breakfast, even, as I went from nightwork to day studies, from working alone and seeing just a few close friends, to being in lecture halls daily with 80+ classmates. Sleep and digestion has been a problem, but I think I am adjusting now. Slowly. Studying takes a lot more time than I thought it would, due to talking books, and due to – I guess – ambition. And though I will deny vehemently that my brain is slower now than when I was in my twenties, I guess it might be working a little differently… not that I´m letting it slow me down.

An old friend I met for fika during the holidays (she didn´t know I had started over) enthusiastically said: “But it´s perfect to study now, three years go by so fast! Three years were a lot longer when we were twenties…” I hadn´t thought about it that way, but it kinda makes sense, I think.

20151229_203945I will have to let some things go – a bit. The blog is starting to feel like a chore, and I don´t like that. So this year, I will do only one blogpost a week. One sketch a day, certainly, but I´ll post more seldom. Hopefully, the quality of what you are presented with will improve, but I can´t guarantee it.

Other things I need to do is strength training, or my back will break. I have been spoiled with being physically strong, and sitting at a desk has me wasting away. I need to eat less, or I´ll have to buy new clothes, and the student allowance I give myself doesn´t permit such spending! Eating less will save money, too… What else? Some good literature, every day before bed. One free day a week, to just do anything I like.

20151229_204041I think that might be enough. I need to find my groove, in a nutshell. Routines and habits that make me strong and relaxed. Perhaps I could throw in some mindfulness exercises? Nah! I´ll draw more! 😀



2 thoughts on “New Year´s resolutions”

  1. Happy New Year!

    I’d be interested in your decisions about strength training. As I age, I realize more and more the importance of maintaining strength and balance and flexibility and would appreciate any reflections you might have as you develop your routine.

    Your friend is right about how much faster time flies by now, but I hadn’t thought of the effect that would have on an education experience. Fun perspective 🙂

    1. Yes, sometimes someone just comes in at another angle, don´t they? Educational.

      I´ll keep you posted. At the moment I am nursing a stomach flu, so no situps for me. Or whatever I try to do. The trick is to make it a habit, isn´t it? I´ll see what I arrive at.

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