Salisbury cathedral


I didn’t do this on vacation, but from one of the ridiculously many photograps of this particular view. At the moment, being without colour is frustrating. Have I changed that much? It almost hurts, not to be able to splash some green on there.


4 thoughts on “Salisbury cathedral”

  1. I had to laugh at your remark about the ridiculously many photographs you must have taken on holiday this summer.

    Gosh, Viktoria, it’s only Oct. 4, and if you are already wanting to add color, it appears you need to rethink this InkTober project, or hold onto those sketches until November when you can start adding color to them. Nobody said you couldn’t add color to your sketches and not count them as a sketch a day! Just think. You’ll have all of November finished, except for adding lovely color, if you choose to go that route. Regardless, this is lovely.

    1. It´s ok to be frustrated; it´s becoming my normal mode, anyway. Frustrated and happy… 😉 I do see your point about November, and to stop myself from doing that, I´m using watersoluble ink. lol

  2. lol I admire your discipline.

    I remember using black and white film, and the photos are so different from color photos. I still often like b/w photos better. The color of background/clothing/etc. can be a distraction to me from the actual subject.

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