Selets bruk

(= Selet´s works)

We wanted to make the most of Saturday, the second day of proper summer this year, and since we were (or at least I was) too tired to climb any mountains, we opted for Selets bruk. Sel means “a stretch of smooth water between rapids” according to my dictionary. Really, doesn´t English have a word for that? Selets bruk is a nature reserve on an old iron works site, you could also call it an outdoor industrial museum. Only a hundred years ago, it looked like this:

The photo was on the information board.
The photo was on the information board.

Now, it´s more like this:

IMGP9024 IMGP8997


A salmon ladder
An old scale.
Bird-cherry, still blooming!
Rubus arcticus, the arctic raspberry.
Trientalis europaea, or arctic starflower.


IMGP9011We walked around, enjoyed the weather, took a few photos, had fika (the husband had brought some wonderful sandwiches and a tea thermos) at one of the camping tables and I took some time to sketch while he walked around some more. It was probably ten years since we last were here, which is weird, because we used to come all the time. I even arranged my 30th birthday party in one of these camping cottages!


Slag, from the blast furnace.



My attempt at the remains of the old blast furnace. I wanted that red bit to be a soft lilac, but it dried unpredictably… I have a lot to learn about watercolour!

6 thoughts on “Selets bruk”

  1. It took me FOREVER and having to reboot my computer, but I finally was able to load your blog on my sidebar.

    Your drawing in your hand was fantastic. You have a real gift. As for the blast furnace, it looks hotter this way.

    I’m delighted you are enjoying your Summer Solstice time. I simply LOVE how you draw and sketch. These are things I can’t do, but I love looking at what you sketch.

  2. Oh, the greens in the 3rd picture down! So bright 🙂 And I envy you your close-ups. The detail is wonderful. I’m looking forward to getting a smartphone, because the camera will be an improvement 😉

    I always enjoy your drawings displayed next to the inspiration scene. It’s almost as if your drawing is the more accurate, tho that surely can’t be so. Maybe I feel more of the spirit of the place in your drawing?

    1. Drawings are a whole different creature to a photograph, I find. The camera does things to the perspective, and the colours in a sketch is as influenced by the mood as by the light! And by the sketcher’s inexperience, as in this case… All in all, when I look at what we brought home from last years trip to Scarborough, York, and Birmingham, the drawings make me remember more than the photos do, and the comic-like doodles I did in the evening perhaps best of all.
      I think perhaps these photos turned out a bit too green, I see it differs when I look at them in the pc or on the tablet. They were taken with the Pentax, not the smartphone. Not that it matters much, you can tweak your heart out with some very simple apps of the internet, gratis, and push your greens anywhichway you like! 😀

      1. I think I remember you talking about your camera before. I just meant that even a smart phone will be better than the camera I’m using now. I can’t get clear close-ups, and interior shots without a flash are always blurry. I admire the clarity you get in your close=ups 🙂

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