Shaun in the City

Did you know Wallace & Gromit has a children´s foundation? Yes, and this summer they raised money by letting artists paint their own versions of Shaun the Sheep, exhibiting them in London and Bristol, and in October they will be auctioned off, hopefully for millions of pounds. There were maps of the Shaun trail in Bristol, but we had our own plans and couldn´t spare the time to go find them all. However, we did come across quite a few.

IMGP0126 IMGP0128 IMGP0129 IMGP0220 IMGP0249 IMGP0250 IMGP0288 IMGP0289 IMGP0314 IMGP0327 IMGP0328 IMGP0329 IMGP0391

My favourite: Shaun Brunell!
My favourite: Shaun Brunell!



2 thoughts on “Shaun in the City”

  1. Oh, You are in Bristol! Fantastic! (The city I lived in for 23 years).
    They do something like this every year. I remember the last year I was in Bristol there were gorillas everywhere. (With a map to get to see them all throughout the city). It’s great fun. And a lot of money gets raised for children.

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