Southern harbour, and T for Thermos

So, I´m back linking up with Bleubeard & Elisabeth on T Tuesday; so much interesting crafting and art going on in that group! Not sure how it is going to work now that I am going back to school and starting a new life, but we´ll see. As for tea, I have been drinking tea made from fresh ginger these last two weeks, to cure a stubborn cough. It is tasty, though, and I am thinking of making it regularly, as a preventive measure.

Today´s sketches are from the southern harbour in Luleå, where there has been some effort by the town council to open it up, clean it from trash, and make it a real meeting-point for people. There are barbeque hearths with tables and benches, a ramp for skateboarders, fountains for the kids to play in (to make up for the lack of a proper, sandy bathing beach). They even put up a few potted palmtrees! Everyone has been talking about it, but we didn´t make it there all summer. Finally, I had an extra half-hour after making errands in town and decided to go and make some quick sketches. Not a lot of people there, but those who were seemed to enjoy themselves!


The old lifting crane was recently renovated, stands as a symbol of Luleå as a port of national importance and is a landmark.
Across the water is the old ore shipping quay, where the icebreakers are moored. They are a bit more yellow in real life.

On a tea related note,  I´ll share with you my new favourite thing: the student fika thermos. I will be using it today for the first time, and will think of all the Tuesday T drinkers/crafters/artists when I have my cuppa! Happy T Day!



15 thoughts on “Southern harbour, and T for Thermos”

  1. Love the sketches you made, we have one of those old cranes at the harbour here, I took photos of it a couple of weeks back. Ginger is really good, I use it a lot in cooking, as I need to keep off salt, and Ginger and other herbs and spices make up for it very nicely. And you don’t believe that half the calories fall out when you cut your cake?! Enjoy your tea and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. What a great idea of the council! When we lived in the UK we lived in Bristol, which is a harbour. There the council has done a similar thing and it has turned out really fab. People love to go there and it is a very popular area.
    As for ginger…. unfortunately I don’t like ginger. Which is s shame because when I was having my chemo, ginger tea was very effective for the nausea but because I don’t like it, it made me feel even sicker.
    You flask looks great. What will you carry? Tea? I would need a bigger one if I had tea in a flask. lol.

  3. I think it is wonderful what the town council has done to save that old harbor area. Sometimes just cleaning up the trash is enough incentive to bring people out, but this sounds wonderful that they have included a skateboarding ramp. So often, children are discouraged from skating and you see all these signs in our town that read “No skateboarding allowed.” I’m so glad that’s not the case in the harbor area.

    That crane is wonderful and I was really impressed with the ice breakers. I would have had no idea what they were (or even what you were talking about), had I not seen one on a news program last winter and how well they seem to break through solid ice in large rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

    That’s a colorful thermos. I’m sure it is just what you will need for school and for your ginger tea.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous sketches, your new thermos, and your ginger tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. Very exciting to have some new life breathed into the harbour area.
    You could be illustrating books and more with your wonderful artwork Viktoria.
    Enjoy your fika and Happy T Day
    Hope we see you again!

  5. Your sketches are fabulous 🙂 I love your flask. Have a great day at school. Happy T Day and many thanks for your lovely comment on my post 😀 😀

  6. Beautiful sketches, Viktoria! It is nice that this area is being revitalized, and it is also nice that they left the crane as a symbol of the importance of the harbor.

    I hope the ginger tea has settled your cough and that you are feeling better!

  7. lovely sketches! It so nice when a city or town finds ways to beautify an area to bring people in to enjoy. Ginger is a great healer-and so is fresh chili so I have been experimenting with Southern Vegetarian Indian cuisine because they are known for their use of spices which are so good for you. Great new thermos-have a wonderful school semester. Happy T day!

  8. The color of your thermos! Wonderful! And I can’t tell you what a kick I got out of palm trees and ice breakers in the same post.

    I love it when cities renovate older areas. When it happens here I feel like a part of the city has risen from the dead and given the whole place a new lease on life. It’s such a hopeful feeling.

  9. Wonderful sketches. They make me wish I could visit the area in person. Like your new drink container as well. You chose one of my favorite colors.


  10. Wonderful sketches! I have trouble doing mechanical things and buildings…I suppose that means I just need to practice more! You’ve done very well with them…so glad you joined T Tuesday today!

  11. WOW, those are great sketches, and that new thermos is a pretty one!

    Thanks for the reminder about ginger, I have some fresh in my fridge…..must start putting it in my water……I KNOW it is good for many things.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment this week, always so good to hear from T-friends. Have a great week.

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