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The main street in Luleå (Storgatan, which literally means “the big street”) is where most of the downtown shops are. Much commerce has moved to Storheden, a shopping centre on the outskirts of town (huge parkinglots, you know the kind), but still, some shops hang on. Storgatan begins roughly where the train station is, with a square called Loet (lo = lynx), where you also find the coachstation, from where you can take the bus to most other communities in Swedish Lapland and beyond.

Here is a nice photo, from an angle I can´t easily manage (borrowed from Wikipedia), over most of Luleå town, with the southern harbour to the left and the norther harbour to the right. Storgatan comes in at the lower left corner, where you can also see a little bit of Loet.

At the other end of Storgatan you will find the regional governor´s (landshövding) residence, a quaint yellow building. Walking from there, you pass the regional museum (Norrbottens museum) where you can learn about Sami culture and the early Swedish colonization, the “highschool village” (gymnasiebyn), Hermelinsparken which is Luleå´s oldest park, dating from 1870 and named after Samuel Gustaf Hermelin, a mountain engineer who owned a mining company and was once Swedish ambassador in the United States. Not far from there we have the Town Hall (Stadshuset), the Town Hotel (Stadshotellet), and the Cathedral (domkyrkan), by the Town Park (Stadsparken). Here you can see a great view over the park, taken from the Town Hall roof.

The Culture House and the Clarion Hotel.
The Culture House and the Clarion Hotel.

More or less in the middle, Storgatan is crossed by Smedjegatan (smithy street) where you find all the local buses and the Culture House (Kulturens hus), with library, café, restaurant, art gallery, and concert halls. The Culture House also sits by the northern harbour, and across from it is Norrbottensteatern, the regional theatre, housed in a row of old warehouses from the days when most transports went by sail.

The regional theatre. The boat is the Laponia, which does day-cruises into the archipelago.
The regional theatre. The boat is the Laponia, which does day-cruises into the archipelago during the summer months.

IMGP9058The husband, who has started his vacation, came along to town today for a haircut, and we had lunch in one of the outdoor cafés that pop up every summer, when the northerners are thirsty for some sun and a bit of airing the old bones. Some of our neighbours will put shorts on at Midsummer and wear them until school starts at the end of August, no matter what the weather.

IMGP9065I didn´t do an entire sightseeing for you today, but did my usual round of errands, bringing the camera with me to capture anything interesting along the way, for the congregation at Tuesday T with Bluebeard & Elisabeth.

Today we had tea at the mum-in-law´s, after doing her shopping and helping her with this and that. I also did a bit of sewing on her machine – she has actually given it to me, but I don´t want to take it home, I´d rather do my sewing next to someone with 80+ years of experience!

On my way home I met this cute little wagtail, being fed by its parents.
On my way home I met this cute little baby wagtail, being fed by its parents.

10 thoughts on “Summer Street Life”

  1. How very interesting. I really enjoyed this. I laughed because I begin wearing shorts in April, and don’t put them away until late October. Of course, I don’t live “quite’ as far north as you (grin).

    Nice of you to show us the town where you live. Sounds like you and hubby will have a wonderful vacation.

    Thanks for taking us to tea today at your mother’s. It’s good to learn from the people with much experience. And of course, thanks for joining T this week, too.

  2. The way summer has been going here in upstate New York, shorts and long pants have been worn often in the same day.

    I really enjoyed visiting town with you today. My grandmother was a seamstress, so I agree it is wonderful to have someone with such experience as your Mum-in-law nearby!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. So lovely. I had to pull up a map to see where in Sweden you were…quite far north. Here in Minnesota we tend to wear shorts as long as possible too since our summer is so short. 🙂
    Happy T day!

  4. beautiful looking place-Sweden-on my LONG bucket list of countries and places I’d LOVE to see one day! My friend was there the other year and she couldn’t wait to tell me how much I looked like the Swedes and that I’d blend in perfectly. I was told that there is a tad of Swedish blood in me somewhere along the bloodlines. And of course I have loved ABBA from the very beginning and still listen to them often. Smart move to keep the sewing machine with your MIL . Happy T day!

  5. Love your photos and so glad you shared this T day! I try to bring my camera with me wherever i go… You just never know what might pop up… But more often than not i forget… very frustrating…but i’am getting better at it.. 🙂 Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  6. Our city also has bigger stores with large parking lots out on the edges. Then the edges keep moving further out, almost hollowing out the inner city. I’m really trying to “shop local” and avoid the big box stores. Your center center looks like it’s doing well.

    I like your mum-in-law’s cup/saucer. I like that blue and white.

    I googled “wagtail”. I’d never heard of them before. It’s so sweet watching the baby birds begging to be fed!

  7. What a treat to get to visit your lovely surroundings from my favorite chair (next best thing to a “real” visit!) Thank you for sharing.
    Happy vacation to you…
    having a nice lunch out in the fresh air sounds like a perfect and yummy start to me!
    Your Wagtail reminds me of what we call a Mockingbird here on the east coast of the U.S.
    Happy T Day oxo

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