“Svenska tecknare före Svenska tecknare” by Ludvig Rasmusson

(= Swedish illustrators before Swedish Illustrators)

Studio_20150527_002339This book was published in 1995 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The association of Swedish illustrators and grapic designers. It is a history of Swedish illustration before the association was founded, and it has a really interesting bit about Carl Larsson, whose work I have blogged before. Larsson came from a poor family and he financed his studies at the Art academy by doing newspaper illustrations:

Oscar II, suffering king.
Oscar II, suffering king.

“I drew for, among others, New Illustrated Magazine. It sent me here and there, mostly to inaugurations of railway stations where there were the same ceremonies with different town councillors, different county governors and different triumphal arches, but two participants were always the same: the King and I. I remember well King Oscar´s slightly suffering smile when our eyes would meet again and again.” (my quick&dirty translation)

Studio_20150527_002301Larsson also made illustrations for books. He was popular because he was fast and reliable, but also because his drawings were creative and humorous, with a lively and fresh feel to them.



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    1. If you have heard of one Swedish artist, it is likely to be either Carl Larsson or Anders Zorn. Zorn was very successful internationally, but Larsson is probably closer to Swedish hearts.

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