A decent likeness, nonetheless.
A decent likeness, nevertheless.

Do you want me to sit still? asks the niece in her very considerate manner when I take my sketchbook out and draw her and the mum-in-law as they cosy up on the couch after fika. No, I say, because if you do, I will feel the pressure to to make it actually look like you. Drawing people on the move is perhaps harder, but I am a lot more generous when I assess the result.

There will be a hiatus in blogging until the end of the month, as I am cramming for the exam on physiology and anatomy. See you in November… 😀





lt is getting colder, but I am doing my long walks around town, listening to the books, having no idea really, if I am using my time wisely or getting musclesore for nothing. At least I now know which muscles are sore and from which bones they operate, which is kinda fun! When my mind wanders, I stop and draw.




We were invited to the cousins-is-law for dinner and this is the view from their kitchen window. I did not have the time or inclination to do a sketch, but took a photograph to make one later. I am experimenting with the tablet drawing app, and some of the things are can do with it feels a bit like cheating, to be honest.



T for Talking books

bokläsIt has taken me some time to get comfortable with talking books, which is what I am limited to when the asthma is making it impossible to read the printed editions. Being of a visual inclination, I tend to remember what I see rather than what I hear, and my usual mode of operation is to leaf through the books before a lecture, to “take it in” so to speak, and plant the seeds in my brain. A talking book, however, is very much of a sequential nature, and the main one for this course is 50 hours! Lots of tables, summaries in little squares in the margin, schematical drawings and things like that, to make learning easier for the visual mind.

I was lucky enough to get a brief chat with a classmate who is extremely audile (I think these people are rare), and she said: go to the lecture first, take notes, review them, and take the book for a walk, or clean the house while listening. That was more or less the opposite of what I had been doing, sitting at the desk with pen in hand, trying to make sense of what I was hearing. I think it is working. Also, my milage is mounting as I spend hours walking around, at a fairly leisurely pace, trying to absorb the technical aspects of the respiratory system, the cardio-vascular system, the nervous system, and whatnot. Lucky for me, the weather has been smashing (although a bit cold)!


SolaI have started bringing a tea thermos out with me. So here I sit, basking in the sun (we had ten degrees today, warm enough to go bare-headed), listening, doing the occasional drawing and having my cuppa, and from here I join the T Tuesday party over at Bleubeard & Elisabeth’s. Happy T-Day!



Freda Payne – my lost album

20151006_164630I usually don’t listen all that much to music these days. This last week, however, I have attempted to exorcise “dem Bones”, which stuck unusually hard to my poor brain. I had the good fortune to find this album on youtube, the second I ever bought, I think, after the Star Wars album (I only felt the need to buy a recordplayer after hearing the mighty music of John Williams; that and seeing humongous starships; especially the starships).

Unfortunately, I lost this album years ago. I could never find it on Spotify, but here it is, still a great listening experience – or am I just being nostalgic? I do remember, at 13, wanting to grow up looking just like Freda Payne on that cover photo, so elegant and cool! Still do, but I’m more realistic about my coolness potential these days! 😀 (I thought I had a fair chance turning out like that, since she resembles my mother quite a bit. Dem genes, huh…)


Digital Ink

What is going on with this text? I got myself a new toy. Actually, this text is written by hand and translated into typed text. It’s like an alternative keyboard, and so far, it seems to work better in English than it does in Swedish, why I don’t actually know. I imagine, however, that this is the kind of software that learns while it is being used. Either by all its users or by this particular user.

penmanshipI am very fond of writing by hand, and pride myself on having decent penmanship, a word I happen, ironically, to have trouble teaching the software to understand. On a regular pc, with a regular keyboard, this wouldn’t be of any use, but on the tablet, with a screen keyboard made for child fingers (how some people manage to write entire books on smartphones is beyond my comprehension) it makes a lot of sense. lt wasn’t faster to write this first text for the blog, but I hope we shall become better at it, the keyboard and I.

Nya keyboarden
I just had to add some coloured digital ink to this sketch. My new Jot Pro stylus is vastly improving the digital sketching!

Flying high!

20151005_171957This sketch, which is the tenth I made, still looks nothing like the nephew, but that´s what it´s like trying to sketch handsome folk – their likeness is incredibly hard to capture. And he is blonde with a red beard; the beard made me choose a home-made ink, made from bird-cherry (I will tell you more about that later). Wish I could also capture his easy and kind personality, but no pen can manage that, even in the hands of a master… (which I am not!)

Anyway, the nephew is celebrating and is being celebrated for having recieved his pilot´s  licence. It has been his dream for a long time: after highschool he trained as an airplane mechanic in the Swedish Airforce, then he studied to become an airplane engineer at university, and at 28, he decided to go for The Big Dream, applied for pilot school and was accepted as the oldest student in his class. Actually, his decision to do so is largly what inspired me to go back to school, even though I am way older, have known him since he was five and pretty much still thinks of him as, well, young. We look forward to having a proper toast when we meet next time, at Christmas!



20151002_194454Ever since I got a wonderful photograph from a friend, I’ve been thinking of making a proper painting. It’s been years since I had an idea like that, but so far, time (and energy) has not been plentiful enough to allow diving into such a major project. The other day, however, with the ink pen, I found myself starting to doodle. It’s something to do with fika on the lawn at Buckingham Palace…