The Anodyne Necklace, by Martha Grimes

I have noticed that sometimes even relaxing takes some discipline. I had been dreaming of putting my feet up, book in hand (a safe, non-toxic book), G&T at my side. I could have gone for a walk, could have gone for fika, could have done a lot of things. I turned them down and didn´t get dressed all day Sunday, which was the best!

20151101_201301Martha Grimes didn´t disappoint either. I am growing increasingly fond of Superintendent Jury (he got promoted) and his hanger on, the ex-earl of Caverness, Melrose Plant, who shamefully shows up whenever there is a tricky murder on Scotland Yard´s table. This time Jury has a bit of vacation planned at Plant´s estate, but gets called to a village near London to investigate the murder of a young woman, a stranger to the villagers, found in the woods with her fingers hacked off. Turns out, she is not the only young woman who has been attacked lately. Also, there has been a jewel theft in the village not too long ago. Are these incidents connected?

I couldn´t figure out who´d done it this time, I confess. Perhaps I was too busy admiring Grimes´s handiwork, the balance she strikes between realism and the very painful consquences of greed and violence, the humour of personality and situation, and developing the main characters into people one really cares about. There is always, so far, children in these stories, resourceful, independent and more or less neglected; always providing important clues to the puzzle. Also, I think she may have used herself as a minor character in this one.


3 thoughts on “The Anodyne Necklace, by Martha Grimes”

  1. I’d forgotten all about these! I’ve read the first in this series and enjoyed it. I was going to read more but was advised to read them in order. So many of them are out of print, and I just forgot about the series. I think I’ll give up reading them in order and just pick them up as I find them. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    1. I haven´t paid more than 1 pence and postage for any of these, mostly from second-hand sellers in the UK, but also in Germany (not surprising, since the Germans even made a pilot for television!). I really don´t think you need to take them in order, at least so far the stories have been completely free-standing, but that´s what I´m aiming for. Can´t buy them here, anyway.

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