The Barons of Salisbury

If Bristol had Shaun the Sheep, Salisbury had its barons. Same idea: artists paint the barons, they are displayed during the summer around the city, and are auctioned off in the fall to benefit charity, this time the Trussels Trust, which feeds the poor, both in Britain and elsewhere. The town of Lincoln had them too, and you can find out more here.

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Everywhere we saw one, we also saw children (and adults) admiring them. It´s a charming idea and one I would love to see in Luleå.


8 thoughts on “The Barons of Salisbury”

  1. I love the diversity of the Barons. From the numbers, it appears there were many more we didn’t get to see.

    My city has an Indian statue that sits at the confluence of two rivers. Two years ago, they were selling scaled down molded statues. You had to go through a juried process and each statue cost the artist around $1000.00 (USD). These also were auctioned off for charity, and I certainly couldn’t see the upside to decorating one, although mixed media/collage were acceptable media. In all truthfulness, I never saw a single completed one, nor ever heard anything about them after the initial surge to get them into artists hands. So glad Salisbury didn’t have that same problem.

    1. No, I certainly didn´t see all of them, we did not follow the “Barons trail”. It would have been fun to. Sounds like the project you refer to was badly managed – I think part of raising the over all public awareness for the charity is to display these artworks to the public. Also, it´s a way for the artists to be seen in a very positive context (I imagine being asked to do one is very flattering), so that would make them motivated to be finished with their paintings on time.

  2. I forgot to say part of the fun of this was seeing the names of the various Barons. I was glad I was able to enlarge the photos and see the names. Some I thought were funny, while some made sense once I saw the name.

  3. This is so cool. It reminds me of the London book-shaped benches. I wish something like this were done here.. Thanks for the link, I totally love Astro Baron and Traditional Tribal Baron.

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