The every day matters

Time flies and it´s been, what, two weeks since I posted? More, actually, as that last one was scheduled. It is just such an uninspiring time of year.

Foto0006My inner feminist was triggered by the following advert at the bus shelter on my street, it´s for a highschool that specializes in technology and IT. Two serious-looking boys, clearly focused on what they are doing, probably programming a virus that will end all wars. Two smiling girls, one whole-heartedly focused on the boys, and the other having that odd smile that women have in adverts while eating salad alone, you know what I mean.

Another thing that has upset my feminist sensibilities is the kind of positive yet weird and creepy feedback women get on facebook when they change their profile photos. Many of these photos/selfies look absolutely nothing like the person and are changed very often. I have facebook friends I am not entirely sure who they are (or is it the same girl having many facebook accounts?). I have decided never to “like” a new profile photo. I can´t think of a more devious – and naiv, considering it is meant to do the opposite – way to undermine someone´s self-esteem than to applaud this kind of self-objectification. (I am here on facebook, if you like to hook up there.)

It was deadly cold outside for weeks, now it´s all melting away and the ice roads closed the day after they opened, which makes winter boring. I have bound myself a new sketchbook, a larger one, and am determined to faithfully art journal in it every day even if I have nothing more exciting to draw than fika; I am very inspired by Danny Gregory right now. Below is my first sketch, a Saturday sketch across the fika table, where the husband is nursing his broken leg with his favourite boiled sausages and blue candy while watching movies about Stasi on youtube. I guess we all have our weird little interests.



8 thoughts on “The every day matters”

  1. Talk about repression. The Stasi were the worst of the worst. But the way you drew your husband, it looks like he was either enjoying the Fika sausage or the video.

    I’m surprised there were even women in the computer ad, because women are often discouraged from taking science and math related subjects.

    Now you get one small reason why I’m not on facebook and never will be. So, Bleubeard and I LIKE you on your blog, but not on FB (grin).

    I’m so glad you are OK, and not sick. I was truly beginning to worry about you.

    1. I guess I caught him enjoying his candy most of all! 🙂 And yes, I was firmly against FB for the longest time, but I tend to go all in when I make a decision, same thing here. Not that I am thinking of quitting the blog, though, even though I have been unusually quiet lately. Things will perk up. Glad to see you here, I have been keeping an eye on your blog, but sometimes one is just too fagged out to have anything to say, you know.

  2. I’m just happy when folks will identify as feminist. I do running commentaries on commercials and advertisements from a feminist perspective. I swear, we will have to scorch the earth and start evolving from scratch to get past this kind of insulting treatment.

    My profile picture on FB never changes, but it’s not a photo of me lol. I’ll send you a friend request and you can see. Some of my friends change their profile photos to mark events like new grandbabies, or they replace the photo of themselves with a photo of a family member to mark death anniversaries. People seem to use that photo for all kinds of things.

    We have a high today predicted of 72F! In January! So strange. Fika and youtube videos sounds exciting enough for me 😉 I love it that people have their own “weird little interests”. It makes me feel less weird. No weirder than everybody else, ya know.

    1. I´ll be delighted to accept your friend request. 🙂 I still feel a bit lost in the world of facebook, I´m sure there are subcultures there as everywhere else. I hope you are not right about having to scorch the earth, but at present it is looking bleak. Perhaps the misogyny has simply come out of the closet, along with racism and antisemitism – I always knew it was there, but had hoped it was suffocating in some dark corner. I just read an interview with Ellen Page on the Guardian website and she says she gets more hate from being a feminist than from being gay. :-O

      1. When I remember the 70s when we really thought equal treatment was right around the corner I want to cry. When I look at our political climate here, well, we still have a long, hard road ahead.

        1. Yes. I keep up somewhat with what is going on in Iowa, naturally. In today´s paper, the editor in chief warned that what happened in Germany during the second world war can easily happen again, the signs are there. The Swedish government is actually going to fly back refugees to Syria, which is making my heart bleed. With all politicians setting their sails by the wind right now, only the crazy people have someone to vote for. 🙁

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