The sketching chair

The package in my mailbox!

I have been wanting a sketching chair for a while, and the wish requirements are probably not entirely realistic. It should be comfortable, weigh nothing, and fit into a pocket. The other week, I saw a promising object on Ebay, and made a bid (cheap) for it. Well, I got it and a few days ago, it came through the mail.

Taped to the seat is bits of foam from a ground sheet, to make it warmer, I guess.

The seller calls it an “ice fishing stool”, probably a military model – or so the colour suggests – and it has seen quite a bit of use, being a bit bent and rusted here and there. it is surprisingly sturdy, although not exactly made to lean back in. It is very small folded and weighs 800 grams. I think this may turn out to be rather useful!



4 thoughts on “The sketching chair”

  1. OK, I’m confused. Is the cushion for the stool? If not, is that metal where your bottom sits? I suspect I don’t fully understand anything, except it is lightweight and fits in a pocket of your coat of pockets. Color me clueless!

    1. Um, no, that’s not a cushion, it’s the package it came in. My Christmas present to myself. Should clarify that, I guess… The seat is padded with a layer of foam, like from a sleeping bag ground sheet.

    1. lol 😀 Yes, I made that. The pattern is a snow star I think I picked from the internet somewhere. I made two for the mum-in-law´s partner´s memorial, which we held at our place. I guess it was part of the grieving process. I am still very fond of those runners.

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