The stove and spice-rack

20150607_185857My spice shelf looks rather empty these days, or minimalist perhaps. We use a selection of pepper: black, white, green, pink, which we buy whole grain to prevent them from going off. A mortar is essential! Then there is always paprika for goulash, nutmeg for mashed potatoes and borsjtj, cinnamon for rice porridge, thyme and marjoram for pea soupe, Worchestershire sauce and Tabasco in the fridge for almost everything, and that’s about it. Allspice, of course, for meat stews, cabbage pudding and chutney. Basil is wonderful in anything remotely Italian (which can be anything with tomatoes or mozzarella), but is useless unless it’s fresh. There is a pot of curry, but I can’t remember when we last used it, and something called lemon-pepper, which is a mix of salt, pepper, lemon, cellery, and whatnot that is good on fish and some soups.

The only thing I remember my mother ever using was salt, white pepper, and paprika. True minimalism, but she totally got away with it.



4 thoughts on “The stove and spice-rack”

  1. My spices are in a pantry closet, out of sight. The main ones I use are salt, black pepper, red pepper, parsley, celery & celery salt, cinnamon…. I keep an “Italian seasoning” mix and a “Poultry seasoning” mix, but also oregano, marjoram, basil… I don’t cook much, and the herbs always get old before I can use them up.

    I’ve never used allspice in meat stew. Sounds interesting.

    Mother used paprika with deviled eggs and with fried chicken.

    1. Of course, storing them out of sight is the thing to do, they should not be exposed to the light. But when I don´t see them I get less inspired and use them less. For us oregano is a typical pizza spice. And I think allspice in meat stew is a very Scandinavian thing. The Brits seem to use a lot of allspice, as well. I had to google deviled eggs; we use egg halves under shrimp and vendace roe for Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer, but we never actually “devilled” them, if that´s what it is when you mash and mix up the yolk. Looks very attractive piped out like this:

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