Walk in the sun

A memorial copse – for all those who had their ashes scattered but no grave.

This week has been a bit bleak weather-wise, but last weekend was smashing, and I took myself out of doors for a longer walk than usual. It was -7 degrees, but my Windsor&Newton marker worked pretty well, and I added some watercolour when I was back in the warmth of home.

We have a very nice forest cemetery not far from our house, Örnäskyrkogården, and it gives very pretty, and not too complicated views to draw. For some reason we rarely go there, and yet I think cemeteries are such nice places to walk in; they inspire kontemplation. Of course, we always come here on All Saint´s Day to light candles for our dear departed.


The Chapel of Hope; a funeral chapel.
A streamlet runs through the cemetery.

2 thoughts on “Walk in the sun”

  1. The memorial copse is a thoughtful idea. I’ve never seen anything like it. That’s a lovely setting for a cemetery. Peaceful.

    And brrrrr! High here today is predicted to be 55F, and that feels a bit chilly to me lol

    1. I guess we´ll always win the worst-weather-contest! lol Really should consider moving to a warmer climate. Sweden is long in the north-south direction and it really is something like 4 months more summer in the other end.

      I think most, if not all, cemeteries in Sweden has a “minneslund”, a group of trees, perhaps a flowerbed, some pretty bushes, at a secluded spot where one can put a candle down for those who opted out of a traditional grave setting, or whose graves are elsewhere. A really nice idea, and I have seen similar arrangements in one or two British churchyards. I suppose you could use the word grove as a translation, too, sometimes it hard to choose the right word, with the right tone.

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